Bettina von Arnim – communications expert

This is for you who love cultural history. If you can relate to the impressive modernism of the Romantic era, you might want to come out to beautiful Schloss Wiepersdorf 80 km south of Berlin and attend a public symposium on Bettina v. Arnim as communications expert on October 23rd and 24th (meeting language: German).

Bettina v. Arnim was not only a great networker but also a fan of direct communication, even trying to engage her king in a direct dialogue  sending him letters on her political views. Part of the symposium will explore how some of Bettina v. Arnim’s communication habits are echoed in the age of the social web. I will contribute a talk on how today’s German citizen’s are directly communicating with their Chancellor on a platform operated by us at straightto.


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