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  1. Hey Georg,

    I just finished up reading the article you wrote regarding dunbars number titled “ Why we can have more then 150 friends and still need more than that” and I had a few questions come to mind. First off, In the opening paragraph you question if it is possible to be social with a 1000 or more people, I was just curious what you mean exactly by the word “social” in this question. Are you referring to the term social as be “friends” with a 1000 or more people? I know social is a very broad term and has a variety of different meanings and definitions. When I think of being social with people I think of every day social interactions we have with people in which we have 100s of on a daily basis with a large magnitude different people, people we are social with but might not become friends with necessarily. With this definition yes we easily surpass a 1000 people in a week. Isn’t this why social skills are so important especially in the business world? I was just wondering if you could clarify what definition of social your referring too.

    Best regards,

  2. Thanks for your comment Zach! You are right, the number depends on the defintion of “social”. Dunbar thinks of social relationships with strong ties, meaning that everyone in the social network knows everyone else without introduction. If you want to maintain an ideal network like this, you will struggle to get beyond Dunbar’s number.
    However, you can also have social relationships with weak ties, for instance with with thousands of followers you might have on Twitter. The Dunbar network is great for close teamwork, a large network with weak ties is great for innovation in the sense of the “wisdom of crowds”. So, you just need to match the quality of your network with the goal you want to achieve, and that’s what I tried to explain in my post.


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