Book review: From Lincoln to LinkedIn by Mike Klein

From Lincoln to LinkedIn. The 55 Minute Guide to Social Communication by Mike Klein is a quick and fun read, making three great points that are relevant to any organisational communicator’s strategy:

1) Communication has always been social, and influence has always been exerted through word of mouth. It didn’t take social media to make that true.

2) Organisational communicators can learn from political communicators who understood early on how to leverage word of mouth in social networks. Abraham Lincoln in particular was a master of social communication we can learn from in very practical terms.

3) It is key to map the “tribes” of your organisation, those communities of interest and networks of trust driving communication socially. They are the real influencers beyond the orgchart that will help you win. Social media might be a great way to identify them and work with them, but social communication is not dependent on any particular channel.

I do highly recommend this book. Mike Klein is an inventive thinker, a great writer and a healthy pragmatist.

Georg Kolb