We need to change our perspective on the use of Social Intranets

I recently wrote a piece for i-com, journal for interactive media. It calls for a new perspective on the use of social intranets, because for too long we made the wrong assumption that social networks at work would follow the same social dynamic as the private ones. But they don’t, and it shows: the adoption rates of many new enterprise social networks are embarrassingly low.

For social intranets to deliver on their productivity promise, we need to bring together four factors shaping the social world of work: business rationale, corporate culture, technology infrastructure and internal communication. And we need to build this integration into the workflow of social intranet teams by establishing a cross-functional body steering the project. All of these four factors are necessary, and only all four together are sufficient to make social intranets work, because they determine how we work together, or not.

If you think that makes sense and want to learn more, you can buy the full article here. (It’s not exactly cheap, I’m afraid.)

Georg Kolb